2019 JOAN - Maple Syrup & Sweet Clover Mead

2019 JOAN - Maple Syrup & Sweet Clover Mead

CO - Colorado
$30.00 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol %
  • Bottling Date 11/26/2021
Pour this liquid interpretation of French Toast into a snifter. Let it open & breathe. Note the aromas of vanilla, maple, and cinnamon rising from the glass. Swirl & sip – enjoy those flavors into a long & buttery finish. Sweet clover blossom honey, maple syrup, and a medium toast French oak are the main contributors, with support from maple blossom and fireweed blossom honeys. Serve slightly chilled.

Maker Name

Deborah M Lee

Brand for Queen Bee Brews
Queen Bee Brews' mission is to provide small-batch handcrafted meads produced in the old world style to satisfy the thirst of craft beverage connoisseurs in the new millennium.
Queen Bee Brews
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