Shades of Transparency: Buckwheat

Shades of Transparency: Buckwheat

MI - Michigan
$19.99 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 15.00%
This is the first of many in our "Shades of Transparency" series, which are all traditional meads that feature a single origin honey. A traditional mead is made of only honey, water, and yeast.

If you're looking for an authentically rustic mead experience, you've found it. Our Traditional Buckwheat honey mead offers impactful and rich notes of gen-u-ine hardy farmyard honey flavors. Untraditional even for a "traditional" mead, buckwheat honey has a very earthy flavor profile that makes it a rare choice for mead.

Notes: Earthy, barnyard, grass, straw, old leather, musty

500ml bottle. 15% ABV

Brand for Maniacal Mead Co.
Bee Crazy! Drink Maniacal!
Started by two guys from Ypsilanti, MI, Maniacal Mead Co. aims to expand the world of mead to a broader audience than ever before.
Maniacal Mead Co.
1497 Ecorse Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48198-5983

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