¡Viva Sangria!

¡Viva Sangria!

TX - Other
$30.00 / 750 mL

  • Alcohol 11.00%
Imperial Mead with Apple, Orange, Blackberry, Hibiscus, and Cinnamon.

Complex, fruity with a bright sweet honey taste. This mead sangria is the life of the party.

Brand for WildFlyer Mead Company
Hand crafting mead on the oldest, continuously operating beekeeping and honey farm in Texas.

We make mead to showcase what our amazing state has to offer. We use our own estate honey and source as much Texas grown fruit as possible. Because we use only fresh fruit, many of our meads are seasonal. This allows us to provide you with the most delicious, fresh and approachable mead available.
WIldFlyer Mead Company
16481 County Rd 319
Navasota, TX 77868

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