Uprising Meadworks

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Craft meadery in Columbus, Ohio

Different, but better - that's the guiding principle behind Uprising's mead. Doing things just because that's how it's been done before, or because it's trendy is lame, however, we will never do something just because it's different. Every change, every flavor, is in the pursuit to make better mead.

Experience our vibrant, distinctive meads, hand-crafted for you using high quality, ethically-sourced honey and other ingredients.

Change the way you think about craft.
Uprising Meadworks
687 North James Road
Columbus, OH 43219
Product Image for 2019 Ugh Boots - Pumpkin Spiced Mead
Product Image for 2020 Frageelay
$25.00 / 750 mL
Product Image for 2019  Phi - Other than Standard Mead Finished in Bourbon Barrels
Product Image for 2018 Omega - Wildflower Mead
Product Image for 2019 Lady Bird Blooms - Mead with Hibiscus
Product Image for 2019 Copper Knob - Mead with Ginger and Lime