Virginia Tonight

Virginia Tonight

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$20.00 / 500 mL

  • Alcohol 12.00%
Dry traditional mead made with Virginia wildflower honey, fermented with champagne yeast and aged with french oak.

A celebration of love and history, this Williamsburg, Virginia creation honors a tradition as reliable as the new moon. Each summer, honey bees gift a harvest of fine Virginia wildflower honey, continuing the legacy of ancestors brought to North America through colonies like Williamsburg. This traditional recipe, featuring Virginia honey, makes a perfect introduction to this historic drink and the Old Dominion where it is handcrafted.

Serve gently chilled. Pairs well with Virginia country ham, asian BBQ, pan-seared seafood, pizza and aged Cheddars.

Brand for Silver Hand Meadery
Silver Hand Meadery, based in Williamsburg, Virginia, produces and distributes an historic drink, rediscovered and reimagined. It is a place where people learn about and explore the ancient, and now new again, beverage of mead. It walks people through the process of how mead is made; from the honey bee, to the specific honey varietal, to its fermentation tanks and additional ingredients, to the bottle. Silver Hand Meadery offers a range of meads with new recipes being introduced regularly. Regular tasting events walk customers through Silver Hand Meadery's meads and the many varietals of honey used in the mead-making process.
224 Monticello Avenue
Williamsburg, VA 23185

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