Rohan Meadery

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Rohan Meadery is the oldest meadery in Texas & there are no shortcuts when it comes to making our small- batch, award winning, meads. The story starts with the honeybees. After all, they are doing the hard work of collecting nectar from over one million flowers to produce a single pound of golden deliciousness. Each mead begins with this precious product -all natural Texas honey, wildflower or huajilla , sourced on our farm or from our apiary partners. The finest honeys produce the finest meads. This is the mead's terroir, or sense of place. All of our meads are created in a Czech-German style, resulting in a drier, more nuanced end- product.
Rohan Meadery
6002 Fm 2981
La Grange, TX 78945-4100

2020 Wanderlust

$25.00 / 750 mL Bottle


$25.62 / 750 mL Bottle

Peachy Keen

$25.00 / 750 mL Bottle

Ember Chai Bochet

$27.00 / 750 mL Bottle