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NV Big Tree - Clover

CA - Yolo County
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  • Alcohol 12.50%
Big and bold, rich and spicy.

This Ethiopian style hearty honey wine is made from clover honey. Gesho, the traditional bittering agent, counterbalances the delicate floral honey notes. Smooth and full bodied, the wine has a silky mouthfeel and a dry spicy finish.

When: Pairs well with spicy meats and appetizers

How: Chilled

Honey: Clover

Smells Like: Ripe fruit, floral, herbs

Alc. By Vol.: 12.50%
Winemaker Name

Dr. G

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We started Queen Sheba Winery in 2011, to bring authentic Ethiopian style honey wine (traditionally known as T'ej) to America. Our inimitable honey wine is made from California's finest orange blossom and clover honey sourced from local beekeepers. Fine honey results in fine wine. Our wines are single source - meaning that only one type of honey is used in a bottle of wine. This ensures that our wines are true to their 'terroir' and really distill the essence of the time and place from where the bees collected the nectar. During the fermentation process, we introduce the bark of gesho, a species of native Ethiopian buckthorn, for a short period of time. This lends a delightful aromatic and herbal note to the wine.

With the recent spark of interest in craft mead, Queen Sheba Winery, offers a very unique style to wine and mead lovers alike. Our winery is minutes away from Davis, in the city of Woodland. Fun fact: Everyone who works at Queen Sheba Winery went to UC Davis.
Queen Sheba Winery, LLC
1243 E. Beamer St. #b
Woodland, CA 95776
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