Philadelphia Mead Well

Brand for Philadelphia Mead Well
Deep within the earth of Philadelphia flows a substance sticky, smooth, and sweet.

For the first time in history, a thick iron rig has tapped into the substance’s hiding place. It pumps the earthly honey to the surface and into the sight of men, where it is transformed into a delicious, golden drink.

Our mead is the only one of its kind—aged among ancient stone and casked by the minerals of the earth.
Danylo Popil
3525 I Street
Unit 201
Philadelphia, PA 19134

2019 Iron Derrick

$4.99 / 12oz Bottle

2019 Drill Bit Hoperator

$5.99 / 12oz Bottle

2019 Standard Ile

$6.99 / 12oz Bottle

2018 Stormy Delight

$15.99 / 375 mL Bottle
Sold Out!

2018 Drilling Fig

$14.99 / 375 mL Bottle