Product Image for 2018 Aphrodite's Obsession

2018 Aphrodite's Obsession

OR - Umpqua Valley
$30.00 / 750 mL

  • Alcohol 13.10%
Gold 92 Gold
Aphrodite's Obsession
A perfect marriage of Umpqua Valley Late Summer

Wild Flower Honey, Hibiscus, Elderberry and Lime.
This deep, dark, rich mead is off-dry, and has the light floral aspects of of the Hibiscus balanced by the woodsy back bone and fruity nature of the elderberries, and finished with a moderate acidity of fresh Limes.

Warning! Likely to inspire Obsession!
Winemaker Name

Lilly Weichberger

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Welcome Home to Oran Mor Artisan Mead!

We are a small batch Artisan Meadery located in Southern Oregon, dedicated to hand crafting a delicious variety of Meads inspired by Ancient traditions and drawing from the abundance of the land. Each of our Meads is a blend of local and varietal honeys, fermented, aged and blended to perfection with local seasonal fruit, herbs and spices.
Oran Mor Artisan Mead
305 Melrose Rd.
Roseburg, OR 97471
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