Harmony Multi-Berry Wine

Harmony Multi-Berry Wine

WV - Other
$15.50 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 13.50%
Harmony is a delectable blend of West Virginia grown blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. Just as nature always finds perfect balance, this triple-berry treat duplicates natures perfection. Slightly sweet, the flavor of every berry has been captured for your enjoyment.

Brand for Old World Libations
Old World Libations is one of West Virginia's newest Farm Wineries. Specializing in meads, estate grown red and white wines, and fruit wines made from the finest that nature offers. Overlooking the idyllic Indian Creek & nestled in the heart of Monroe County, West Virginia.

Our goal at Old World Libations is simple. We strive to create a wholesome, family-friendly winery experience, strengthen our local community, and grow superior quality fruit in an environmentally sustainable manner.

​We accomplish this by building mutually beneficial networks with our local farmers, artisans, customers, and labor force. We respect the environment and will never lose sight of the simplicity and effectiveness of old-world traditions. Our efforts combine to produce the finest wines, ciders, and mead that nature has to offer. Quality is our hallmark that will not be compromised.
Old World Libations
3493 Greenville Road
Union, WV 24983

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