Mixed Meadia Wine and Mead

Brand for Mixed Meadia Wine and Mead

We believe in local agriculture, expressive recipes and perfecting the blend of art and science. We grow what we make and make what we grow, producing meads that are local, seasonal, imaginative and fun!

Our strong meads bring bold flavors, complex structure, high alcohol, and unpretentious versatility.

Don't be afraid to mix it up! Enjoy these bold complex flavors straight up as a desert wine, pour it over ice, tone it down with seltzer, tonic, or one of our base meads, or even as a simple syrup replacement in your favorite cocktails.

Seriously weird: weirdly serious.
7740 State Highway 42
Egg Harbor, WI 54209-9505

2022 Ledge Blanc

$17.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Mel Forte

$30.00 / 750 mL Bottle


$34.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Black Currant Mead

$16.75 / 375 mL Bottle

The Fox

$17.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Dandelion Mead

$15.75 / 375 mL Bottle

Lemon Mead

$16.75 / 375 mL Bottle

Wild Faerie Mead

$16.75 / 375 mL Bottle

Traditional Sec Mead

$15.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Traditional Brute Mead

$15.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Pop Art Cherry Cyser

$15.75 / 750 mL Bottle

Door County Cherry Mead

$14.75 / 4 x 12oz Can

Blood & Honey

$16.75 / 375 mL Bottle