~Chaos Curse -Rose Hips & Hibiscus  DRY mead

~Chaos Curse -Rose Hips & Hibiscus DRY mead

WA - Puget Sound
$25.00 / 750 mL Bottle
$27.00 MSRP

  • Alcohol 12.00%
Silver - Metheglin, NHB
National Honey Board's Mead Crafter Competition Award Winner 2020 - Silver

Roses are from the apple family and the fruit of Rugiosa type roses are called "hips". They are high in Vtiamin C with delicate sweetness, apple-like in flavor with a hint of floral rose.

We use delicate WA clover honey as the base of this mead to display this fruit quality and add hibiscus for tannins and a beautiful ruby red color.

The result? A gorgeous dry mead with enough perceived sweetness to balance out the tartness with flavors of apples, hibiscus, and rose.

It's perfect for sharing with wine-drinkers who might be off-put by commercially prevalent sweet meads.

Chaos Curse is excellent in Sangrias in place of Spanish wine and other mead cocktails.

Brand for KVLT Mead
KVLT MEAD is Washington State’s premiere destination for mead and metal. Our meads are crafted in a modern style from pristine Cascade glacial waters and carefully hand-selected ingredients bringing the market a dangerously delicious beverage. We are a nanomeadery with a small, eccentric tasting/tap room adjoining our production facility. We employ regional artists to create label art that reflects our music culture and seek to uplift local bands by sharing mead releases with their album releases.
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