VA - Shenandoah Valley
$15.00 / 375 mL

  • Alcohol 13.20%
Loaded with cranberries. Covered in masks. This tart and sweet drink is a delicious drink that pairs nicely with food, while making you think of social distancing and Thanksgiving dinner.

Brand for Honey & Hops Brew Works
What is mead?
It's been quickly gaining popularity. But what is it? At the core it is wine, fermented with honey instead of grapes or other sugars.
Mead, like wine, can have many different characteristics. Its characteristics can be:
Sweet. Dry. Fruit. Tannins. Oak. Spice.
You name it. There's pretty much a mead for anyone. And just because you tried it once at a RenFest once and didn't like it, doesn't mean you shouldn't give it another try! :)
Honey & Hops Brew Works
650 W 11th St
Unit A
Front Royal, VA 22630

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