Apotheke Session Mead 500ML

Apotheke Session Mead 500ML

WA - Other
$14.00 / 500 mL

  • Alcohol 6.50%
Apotheke 6.5% ABV This very unique sparkling botanical mead brings prohibition to its knees. Previously banned woody Pacific Northwest Turkey Tail Mushrooms steal the show. Turkey Tail mushrooms, dandelion root, nettle and raspberry leaf bring body and minerality while hibiscus, orange, and lemon verbena offer bright citrus & herbaceous tartness. This mead boasts an apothecary of herbs that drinks like an herbaceous rose'!

Brand for Hierophant Meadery LLC
Hierophant Meadery is a producer of fine honey wines made with sustainably sourced honeys and botanicals. Located in Mead, Washington, Hierophant specializes in off-dry to semi sweet meads, as well as session meads made in the metheglin style (containing botanical ingredients).
Hierophant Meadery LLC
16602 N Day Mt Spokane Rd
Mead, WA 99021

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