Four Brothers Mead

Brand for Four Brothers Mead
The Four Brothers are Bryan, Chris, Joe, and Dan. We all enjoy Mead, and one day set out to create our own. The title and vision for the brand was clear: combining our ancestral background with a drink fit for the battle hardened warrior. We created an old-world product using only the best all natural ingredients to produce a drink worthy of the gods.

Combining our Old Norse heritage with our love of mead, we came together to start a little project called Four Brothers Mead. Through the initial support of our family and friends we started to take root. Once exposed to others outside of that small sphere is when things started to explode! Requests to sample our mead started pouring in. From coast to coast and every continent in the world, save Antarctica, we have established relationships with our fellow mead lovers. What started as a small idea of four veterans coming together to make what we love has quickly blown up to a globally requested old world drink worthy of the gods. As many of our patrons have told us, "Odin would be proud"!
Four Brothers Mead
124 East Main Street
Festus, MO 63028-1905