2020 Walden

2020 Walden

VT - Vermont
$21.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.00%
This cider comprises over 100 varieties of cider apples grown by Walden Heights Orchard in the Northeast Kingdom - a village hillside terraced by hand, where Todd Parlo shepherds a rich diversity of fruit and herbaceous perennials. A small amount of our 2020 pet nat, Emanation, was barreled down to age an additional two years. Upon bottling, a very small tirage was added for a spritz of carbonation. A lovely accompaniment with food or a stand alone stalwart for cider sessioning. Wild Cultures weave a delicious interplay of oak and apple.

Brand for Fable Farm Fermentory
Fable Farm & Fermentory is a farm-based winery producing aged wines and vinegars. We work with local flora, microorganisms, and the overall Ecology to co-create the character of our living wines. We produce wine primarily from apples, pears, grapes, honey, tree saps, and the blending thereof, while sometimes incorporating other small fruits and herbs that we glean and grow in the verdant foothills of central Vermont.

We host festive gatherings on our farm to celebrate the fruits of culture and humanity in Reverence for the Earth.
Fable Farm Fermentory
1525 Royalton Turnpike
Barnard, VT 05031

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