2020 Nostos

2020 Nostos

VT - Vermont
$35.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.20%
A still red wine made from the juice of Frontenac Noir grapes. Harvested from 9 year old vines growing on Penny Hill Vineyard in Vermont, a high elevation site where grapes are slower to ripen. A 50:50 split of whole and crushed berries macerated for 1 month before pressing off into barrels for 16 months of aging. Smooth and luscious notes of chocolate and tart cherry with a healthy dose of fresh acidity. Life is a mystery, a dance, a cosmic comedy, and above all else, a hero’s journey of Souls charting along pathways of spiritual evolution. Thank God there is delicious wine like Nostos to enjoy along the way! Nostos is a Greek word denoting a return home after a hero's journey.

Brand for Fable Farm Fermentory
Fable Farm & Fermentory is a farm-based winery producing aged wines and vinegars. We work with local flora, microorganisms, and the overall Ecology to co-create the character of our living wines. We produce wine primarily from apples, pears, grapes, honey, tree saps, and the blending thereof, while sometimes incorporating other small fruits and herbs that we glean and grow in the verdant foothills of central Vermont.

We host festive gatherings on our farm to celebrate the fruits of culture and humanity in Reverence for the Earth.
Fable Farm Fermentory
1525 Royalton Turnpike
Barnard, VT 05031

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