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2018 Ace of Cascades

WI - Other
$10.00 / 500 mL

  • Alcohol 7.00%
This hoppy mead is made with Cascade and Willamette hops. At 6.5% ABV, you don’t have to gamble, because this is the only mead you’ll need. No overkill, baby.
Winemaker Name

Colleen Bos

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Bos Meadery is Madison, Wisconsin's first meadery. We make meads using local and regional ingredients and treat honey gently to maintain its natural aromatic qualities. Our dry and sparkling meads are different from the traditional sweet mead of ancient and medieval lore. These meads represent a new breed of refined beverages that are lighter on the palate and suitable for pairing with a wide variety of foods.
Bos Meadery
849 East Washington, Suite 116
Madison, WI 53703
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